I love clicking "delete" on emails

Not "archive," but "delete"


@bgcarlisle Maybe "delete" should be renamed "archive of the abyss"?

@bgcarlisle it's my new favourite activity, there's so many good things associated to this act: less data trail (and therefore less potential for commercialisation or other malicious use of data), less use of resources (traffic and storage space), less clutter and rubbish in inbox, feeling of being more on top of things... 😌

@codesections @bgcarlisle same, the number of times i have needed to refer to past emails...

mail is the only medium that one can be sure will reach me and stay with me. my inbox rarely has over 20 unread (i keep stuff unread even if i read it sometimes, to indicate i need to respond still). i dont log other communication like xmpp or irc

@bgcarlisle @kensanata Imagine my horror when I discovered that I had not actually been deleting my gmails over the years, but archiving them instead. For some reason, I thought “archive” was just Google’s way of trashing stuff because I never saw a delete option. Seems silly now that I’ve learned better and corrected it. Deleting 12,000+ emails was fun. 🙄

@bgcarlisle hey hey hey! are you still there? please put me down! oh oh. goodbye.

@bgcarlisle I love clicking "delete" on emails without reading them first.

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