@socrates maybe you've addressed this before so sorry if I've missed it, do DOI links go against the no shortened links clause of the community standards?

@drb @dbs @RaoOfPhysics So based on the stuff in this thread and their policy, it looks like they're *probably* not doing anything nefarious in terms of tracking

There's still the issue of target obfuscation

Maybe a good policy would be to say that if one uses a DOI link, to clearly describe the destination in a manner that is human-readable (i.e. title, author, journal name, etc.), on pain of having the post deleted

And then if there's ever "DOI-gate," we change the policy


@bgcarlisle @drb @RaoOfPhysics That sounds reasonable. Hard to imagine a situation where at least some of the human-readable info (title / author) wouldn't naturally be present in context.

Maybe in all of our spare time (hahaha) we could teach masto to use the free CrossRef API to look up a DOI and provide the summary automatically? Small instances should be able to play nice at least.

Sure. I wasn't trying to advocate that DOIs should not be allowed. Moreso noting that DOIs seem to go against the current wording of the community standards.
@bgcarlisle @RaoOfPhysics


@drb @dbs @RaoOfPhysics Clarity and consistency are virtues, thank you for pointing it out :)

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