The Living End (1992) 

I kept seeing people making fun of "we live in a society"

And of course that reminds me of The Living End (1992), a wonderfully trashy movie from the early 90's

When I first came out, I went looking for queer media, and this is one of the first ones I found

I imprinted on it like a queer little angry duckling

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The Living End (1992); anti-queer slur mention 

In my mind, this movie gets a pass for having a melancholy ending for the gay characters, as this was right at the height of AIDS crisis in North America

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The Living End (1992); selfie with eye contact 

So I went to re-watch parts of it after years and years

And realised that I seem to have picked up a bit more than just being angry and queer from it

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The Living End (1992); shirtless dude 

I ... couldn't resist posting this

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The Living End (1992) 

I forgot how consistently anti-cop Luke is

This is a great movie

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