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Jerks on the internet: *Are jerks*

Normal people: No that's not okay to do

Jerks: Lol but there's no rule that says I can't

Normal people: *Start making codes of conduct; enforcing them*

Jerks: Umm have you considered that maybe you're the real jerk here?

@sandrockcstm Omg how did I forget that salient point that you now bring up in complete good faith

@lizclarkewrites @bgcarlisle elsewhere, someone pointed out that hiding behind freedom of speech is to concede that the best defense one has for one's position is that saying it out loud is not currently outright illegal.

My own view is that "intending genocide" is fairly clearly something that should be made illegal, and that it's also fairly easy to find evidence of.

@ansugeisler @bgcarlisle This is why Germany banned the public display of Nazi symbols. They know it’s a call to violence and they decided to nip that shit in the bud.

@bgcarlisle moderating 7000 monkeys on discord makes this very relatable

@bgcarlisle *jerk voice* we need to make it harder to get rid of jerks

@bgcarlisle I once saw someone tell someone else that wanting a LGBT-friendly guild is bigoted

Geez, what is with people. Like, if you go into someone else's house and they tell you not to put your feet on the table just like don't? put your feet? on the table?? And if you don't like that, maybe don't go to their house? 🙄

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