:Trek: opinions (sorry, I got more) 

Thing that I liked about Star Trek that isn't true anymore:

They didn't generally re-cast major characters with different actors (Saavik notwithstanding)

They used to be okay with the actors aging, and with the passage of time, and moving forward

On several occasions they even made this a plot point

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:Trek: opinions (sorry, I got more); Discovery Season 2 spoil 

Also, I wish that Discovery season 2 had said ... something ... anything??

It's like every episode they gestured briefly at a potential theme and then gave us a sort of promissory note that they'd piece it all into something good at the end

And when the end came, the big picture was a boilerplate time-travel paradox

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:Trek: opinions (sorry, I got more); Nazi mention 

Like, let me write you a heavy-handed morality play about Cardassian-occupation-of-Bajor deniers that has a bunch of extremely obvious parallels to real-life neo-Nazi holocaust deniers

Why are you even writing Trek if you have nothing to say but technobable?

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:Trek: opinions (sorry, I got more); Nazi mention 

@bgcarlisle because Michael Bay ruined everything.

:Trek: opinions (sorry, I got more); Nazi mention 

@bgcarlisle I believe that the way they wrote the early episodes at least helped ensure that technobabble was never the point: the main writers didn't even write it out, they just put <technobabble> in the script, to be filled in later.

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