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🍍 The best part: the writers sitting around and planning out "What would episode 1 of season 8 be like?"
🍍 The worst part: they told us to "stick around after the credits for a roundtable discussion" and it was mostly them talking about details of CBS archival practices

DS9 movie 

🍍 The actor who plays Garak says that he was playing him as gay, and very much into Bashir
🍍 Behr says he should have pushed for making that explicit and playing Garak/Bashir as a romance
🍍 They talk about how Rejoined was good, but not enough to credit them with a "checkmark" in the sexual identity category of representation (they do not mention Chimera, which was even better imo)

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@bgcarlisle I forgot there was a movie *about the making of* DS9 out and thought you were referring to a *DS9 series-continuation movie* and I about did a flip

I should see the movie that was actually made though

dang heck yeah garak/bashir as a romance tho

DS9 movie 


> a *DS9 series-continuation movie*

I uhh ... also want to see this movie, for the record

DS9 movie 

@bgcarlisle Armin Shimerman talked about it in an interview I saw recently (that one where he also talks about being a union leader while also being the anti-union character on the show) and reflected that he was maybe the only primary character that could easily pull it off and pretend to be the same age due to the amount of makeup he was wearing

Then again, I'm not sure there's a need for the characters to pretend to be the same age, esp given the way the show ended.


DS9 movie 

@cwebber The way they pitched their imaginary start to season 8, it was ~ 20 years after the end of season 7

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DS9 movie 

@cwebber I'm guessing that the documentary will be viewable in some other venue (download, streaming, on-disc) at some point

Their thumbnail sketch of that one episode was honestly better than all of Discovery season 2

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