Strikes and protests are inconvenient and loud and costly and a bit of an imposition on the rest of us

This is on purpose

It's *supposed* to be this way

If you are inconvenienced, it's working

Support the workers anyway

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@bgcarlisle More to the point: There is NO WAY they're working without inconveniencing someone.

@bgcarlisle if you feel inconvenienced by a protest or a strike, you're either a scab or not paying attention

@lyliawisteria @bgcarlisle it's pretty validist though, you can be inconvenienced by protests because it's really overwhelming and it's extra hard to deal with when you have anxiety, ptsd or if you're autistic (not an exhaustive list)

@Incandescente @bgcarlisle right, but that's not what we're talking about. we're talking about people who complain about protests, not people who can't attend because of some disabling factor.

@lyliawisteria @bgcarlisle i'm not talking about participating to the protest either, it can still be a problem if you're not attending, living near the place where the strike happens can be hard especially with the noise

@bgcarlisle @lyliawisteria i agree with that, i was just a bit annoyed by "you're either a scab or not paying attention" because it's just not true, and it's okay to complain about the noise and stress produced by strikes

@Incandescente @lyliawisteria I don't think pitting worker strikes *against* disability issues is wise (guess where a lot of workplace disability protection came from)

And depending on how loudly you complain and in what context, you may be handing a tool to the Capitalist class

So if you mean that you want to complain privately, among those understand that you do support worker strikes, sure

But we're talking about tearing down support for them in public forums here

@lyliawisteria @bgcarlisle

So they're inconvenient by design but you'd better not feel inconvenienced by them?

No, they're inconvenient and annoying and *shouldn't* be necessary but are, why tf is the company being such dicks people had to strike.

@bgcarlisle @KitRedgrave guess that makes sense...

though i guess then its effectiveness will also have to depend on how many people, upon finding out about the protesters' ideas and goals, will sympathize with them vs dismiss them as silly or even antagonize them.

@bgcarlisle If these people not doing their jobs inconveniences you, clearly their jobs are important to you - shouldn't the workers doing them also be?

@bgcarlisle I think my favourite was in Nova Scotia where the teachers' union was struggling with the government. Things came to a head not too long before Christmas, so the union declared a work-to-rule.

All those things teachers do outside school hours? Especially around Christmas? School plays, bake sales, concerts, ... suddenly gone. And you know, one of the main things teachers were looking for was pay for all those extra things they do?

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