Snark about sci-fi franchises 

Doctor Who: We can go literally anywhere in space and time; but let's rehash old villains and awkwardly connect every single story-line to the Doctor's personal backstory.

Star Trek: There are millions of inhabited planets in this mythos. I know! Let's write about Spock, the Borg or Khan again.

Star Wars: It turns out that every single thing that ever happened in this galaxy was directly connected to the Skywalker family.

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Snark about sci-fi franchises 

@bgcarlisle Ian Watson's Warhammer books were pretty cool in this regard because they really made you feel how massive the world is and how insignificant each character is in the larger picture

(or at least that's how I remember it but I read them a looooong time ago)

Snark about sci-fi franchises 

@bgcarlisle in doctor who's defence, that's moffat nonsense (i stopped watching after season 4 of the new doctor who because sad). hate it. and, well, completely agreed.

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