A periodic reminder that you should back up your own Masto account by downloading your archive

I'm not posting this for any particular reason other than that it's good to make backups and sometimes servers just go down

@micrackbiron It's on the Mastodon web interface under Settings -> Import/Export.

For me, it's here:


CC: @bgcarlisle

@bgcarlisle you know what would be cool?

an API and a (backup) client i can run from cron on my laptop or my servers

@hirojin I wish that the Masto devs listened to me at all, ever

I would suggest that to them; it is a great idea


@malte @bgcarlisle well, like, all the ebooks bots do it somehow? so, yeah, I guess there must be…

except, it's not gonna be the entire archive, only the last 5000 posts…

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