I found what appears to be a major data entry error in the Drugs@FDA database

Or rather, about 1400 data entry errors

Then in :rstats:

ApplicationDocs <- read_delim(
escape_double = FALSE,
col_types = cols(
ApplicationDocsDate = col_date(format = "%Y-%m-%d 00:00:00"),
ApplicationDocsID = col_integer(),
ApplicationDocsTitle = col_character(),
ApplicationDocsTypeID = col_integer(),
SubmissionNo = col_integer()
trim_ws = TRUE

And also in :rstats:

x = ApplicationDocsDate
data = ApplicationDocs
) + geom_histogram(
binwidth = 365.25 * 5
) + labs (
title = "Histogram of Drugs@FDA application document dates",
x = "Application document date",
y = "Frequency"

@bgcarlisle gotta love incorrect handling of missing data!

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