The :Trek: future writers pledge 


The :Trek: future writers pledge 

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The :Trek: future writers pledge 

@bgcarlisle Also, humans: let's rename Terok Nor to Deep Space 9

@DS9 @bgcarlisle i like to imagine that bajoran social media has a lot of snarky memes about the federation naming a station in the bajoran system "deep space"

@taweret @DS9 @bgcarlisle

They never really establish where the name comes from. In-story, I mean.

There are other stations named "Deep Space" mentioned, but does starfleet have a whole set of numbered stations named "Deep Space"? Two-hundred years in, why are they only up to #9?

It's such a generic name, that it's not impossible that it's named after a set of eight Bajoran stations. (destroyed in the war?) It would make sense that they got to name it, anyway.

@taweret @DS9 @bgcarlisle

See also : Farpoint Station.

That was on a planet ... and the people on that planet named it "Farpoint"?

@apLundell @DS9 @bgcarlisle im not complaining about the name i think it works beautifully with the shows anticolonialism themes

i mean if i were a bajoran i would definitely be like "'deep' space from what, motherfuckers?"

but that's just the point. think the emissary when bashir talks about frontier medicine and kira rightfully goes off on him

The :Trek: future writers pledge 

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