Here's my tech startup idea:

A printer that actually works

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@bgcarlisle I've got used to 3d printers so the 2d ones now seem well-behaved by comparison.

@bgcarlisle ok so…

hear me out

i know this might preposterous, if not straight up made up, but i, a computer programmer, own a printer that actually… prints

wanna know my secret?

@bgcarlisle best part of my short tenure at a professional printer's was the surprise that professional grade digital presses act up just as much as office printers!

@bgcarlisle oh yes, if you could make one you'd current the market

@bgcarlisle Would it support Internet Printing Protocol? Would I be able to just plug it in and use it right away?


@c0debabe It doesn't put secret codes on your papers so they can be traced

It is made from all replaceable and many 3D-printable parts

The ink is something non-proprietary that can be got from like a bulk food store or something

@bgcarlisle @c0debabe Honestly, I've been wondering why nobody has come up with this yet.

@c0debabe @bgcarlisle @PINE64

Make it run PostScript like the old HP printers. That was glorious.

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