Even times of success in academia can be full of so things that are like

"Congrats, but it's not quite official yet, so"

And this can happen sometimes for the same thing over and over again

🍍 You submitted your thesis congrats but it's not officially done yet so
🍍 You defended your thesis congrats but it's not official until you make these revisions and make final submission so
🍍 You made final submission but it has to be processed by admin so

And by the time you're done done

You don't care

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🍍 We reviewed your paper and found it publishable, but we have these revisions so
🍍 Congrats these revisions are great, but there's also these other revisions so
🍍 Your paper has been accepted, congrats, however
🍍 "Hey I saw your paper!" / "Whatever"

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@bgcarlisle academia… sucking the fun out of hard work since… a long time.

@InvaderXan "Congrats on getting your paper past peer review"

Thanks, but I've had papers rejected for editorial reasons after peer review

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