So who wants to start a union for academic peer-reviewers with me?

No clue what the next step is, but I'm very angry so

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Start a support group that reaches out to folks you're in contact with then slowly turn it into a union?

Well creating unity among coworkers is the first step, the more you do that then hopefully a more concrete path will open up as you bounce ideas back and forth.

It's a team effort after all.

Sure, but again that'll be easier to figure out as a group of people instead of just by yourself. Even if you don't form a union proper there's strength in numbers.

Take all of this with a grain of salt from someone who's an amateur organizer. The unity part of the union is the most important part though and something like a support group could be a great first step to at least meet others and build a solidarity around a list of grievances and shared experience.

@pootz @bgcarlisle Yeah, pretty much. Once you have unity, you can move to act on it to fix the stuff that's broken together.

As you discuss your problems with each other and gather resources on how to work around them, eventually you'll discover ways to actually solve the problems so that the workarounds are no longer necessary.

It just kinda happens naturally as the group evolves.

@pootz @bgcarlisle
"Why do we have to do A & then B? Why can't we just do C?"
"We'd have to change law D to do that."
"So why not change D and save everyone trouble down the road? We already changed law E for task F, so if we could succeed on the local level with half the people we have now, we can go bigger."
"Hmm. Good point. Let's do it."

Yep, it's fuzzy on how to form a union now because if you don't have a de facto union you're already a ways off from a formal union. If you don't even have the relationships to invite people to a meeting then that's where you wanna start and work your way up.

BTW when I say support group this can literally be as simple as asking people to get lunch, but building relationships is your main goal.

@pootz @KitsuneAlicia Okay but academics are spread across the globe in a manner that makes this tricky

Like, even if I did get every single academic at my school to come to organize, that would be a rounding error in terms of the number of reviewers there are for just the journals in my field

Sure, which is part of the new terrain that has made organizing labor completely different than the capitalism we were used to. I don't think we've really see anyone perfect it yet so we're all learning

One thing I want to try is political organizing with the fediverse because it offers a community controlled platform that could be helpful for that. But the recent teachers strikes showed us facebook groups can be powerful too

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