Quidditch in 2009 was this ridiculous sport that "real athletes" didn't take seriously and it was fun and silly and weird

By ~ 2014 it was overrun by dudebros who had made "turning quidditch into a legit sport" one of the official goals of the quidditch association

I kind of want to do this to a legit sport, but in reverse

Get a bunch of non-athletes, nerds, queer people, weirdos, whoever, invade that sport, take it over and start slowly changing rules so that it eventually becomes Calvinball

@bgcarlisle those words never meant anything to begin with, so it's no loss

@bgcarlisle Somehow do this to American football, making it both safer for the athletes and probably even more entertaining for the audience.

@mngrif @bgcarlisle I believe that the converse is the case. Calvinball has a quantum foam of rules, with new ones being created and destroyed every instant.

@james @bgcarlisle I believe it was removed because of the fatality potential, and that's not even a joke

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