You know how there's a "rule of the internet" that: "if you can imagine it, there's porn of it"

Is there a similar rule like "anything dystopian you can imagine, a techbro somewhere is non-ironically trying to make into reality"? Because

@bgcarlisle i don't think so, but I think there probably is a similar rule of "every dystopia designed to highlight the flaws of society is seen by someone as a blueprint for success"

@InspectorCaracal @bgcarlisle I mean, dystopias are usually utopias for members of the ruling class.

@bgcarlisle "...and that is how I believe VR technology will enable every Martha to better track handmaidens and econowives in real-time through the power of crowd sourcing. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk."

@bgcarlisle the worst part about this is that it's impossible to even joke about this without bringing up entirely plausible scenarios that are terrifying and just around the corner.

@bgcarlisle wait is there a techbro trying to make Living World Season 1 happen

because that'd actually be pretty cool

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 1 spoilers 


basically, an asura scientist named Omadd does an experiment on a young sylvari named Ceara in an attempt to see god, but fails and somehow moves the entirety of a type of magic that I can best describe as "causing transphobia" in the world into her, creating Scarlet Briar

Scarlet Briar later destroys a major city using a giant drill and wakes up an elder dragon. she dies, and the dragon takes all the magic. also, there are lesbians directly involved in her death. this indirectly leads to the birth of Aurene, the most important character in the entirety of Guild Wars 2's story, who (six years later) says trans rights and goes to space

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