Do not use Microsoft Excel for important research

Microsoft Excel is malware

@drbjork Yup

It tries to "help"

Many of the ways it automatically "helps" cannot be deactivated

Many of the ways it "helps" are saved to disc even if you don't click the save button

I can't recommend against using it strongly enough

@bgcarlisle I honestly didn't know, I haven't used Excel for 20 years. 😜

@bgcarlisle @drbjork It is EXTREMELY common for research made with excel to automagically falsify the results.

Anyone dealing with large amounts of numeric data is recommended to code their calculations, not trust a spreadsheet.

Here's an example of things gone bad:

Turns out latex is not just for fun! (OK, that pun might be aged, dunno if people use that language any more, or if it's actually good :p)

@ansugeisler @bgcarlisle @drbjork latex is great and still very usable! however it's not at all suitable for performing calculations, since it's heavily focused on typesetting

matlab, r, and julia are better suited to the actual calculation part - as is a general-purpose language like python with its pandas package

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