A CRISPR baby but the only change is that there is an SQL injection attack coded in to the genome so that if it is ever sequenced, it drops all the tables in the company database

I think I came up with an ethical CRISPR baby scenario hang on lemme write this into a paper for JAMA

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* SQL injection baby
* AI-adversarial genome editing
* AGPL in your DNA to make it Google resistant

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@ldopa On the day they turn 18

"Do you, Chris PR, consent to having your genome sequenced by Exploitra Industries?"

Chris: Oh I was *born* for this

more like "The 18 year free trial period for your DNA is about to expire. If you wish to continue using this body after December 18th, please chose one of the licensing options below."

@bgcarlisle i mean think about it: parents who otherwise could not afford genetically enhancing their baby would get an opportunity to do it based on a subscription model. instead of paying for a lifetime of being genetically enhanced beforehand, they could opt for the free trial + subsequent subscription model, and it would be essentially a pay-what-you-use model for the child from that point on.

@bgcarlisle of course, the genetically enhanced would have to pick some kind of licensing model in order to create derivative works by having children of their own, but i'm sure companies will come up with attractive options for different budgets.

@bgcarlisle lawyers will show up every time you attempt to have sex with someone who's genes are proprietary.

@bgcarlisle of course it'd always be easier/cheaper to have children with someone who's genes have been optimized by the same company.

i mean essentially, this is technical enforcement of copyright protection for the dna designer, so why not add all the other drm shit that has worked so well (tm) everywhere it's been introduced?

@bgcarlisle More likely futures:
Elites packing their DNA with defenses against unwanted sequencing.
Purpose-bred servants for ritual sacrifice in rich people crime scenes to make evidence collection hazardous.
Your parents' student debt records get CRISPR'd into you, binding your whole lineage into perpetual debt bondage.

@bgcarlisle having learned that you can write javascript with just 6 characters, this seems even more plausible

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