Sometimes "cat" means:

* A gender-nonspecific way to refer to a person and low-key imply that they're cool, e.g. "they are a hip cat"
* A literal feline, e.g. "I have a pet cat"
* A furry, e.g. "this is my cat fursona"

And on the fediverse, it's kind of a roll of the dice which one they mean

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@bgcarlisle sometimes it's a Linux thing! You can never tell!

@bgcarlisle Sometimes it's more than one option, too ∑;ɜ


* a member of the working class who leans into the subculture of their form of labor beyond what is necessary for success; someone who clearly should doing whatever work it is they do.

(This is kinda a more specific version of #1, but where one might be a "barista cat" or "brewer cat" rather than "hip cat")

* short for Catherine or Katherine oeh "Hypocorism" is a fancy smancy way of calling it.
* /usr/bin/cat

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