The way to type an e with an acute accent in Windows is

Alt + 0233

That's not a joke, that's the real way to do it

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@bgcarlisle I remember 0160 is thorn from when I was playing runescape and equals-thorn was the only way to make a smiley face that looked even remotely balanced

@bgcarlisle wait, wait, wait

that means you have to remember 194 different four digit codes to type all the different

Γ‘ Ε› ΔΊ ΕΊ Δ‡, Γ©Ε₯Δ‡

letters with the same acute???

@jkb I'm on a hospital-administered computer

If I have to install software, it won't work

@bgcarlisle There's a portable version, but I've never tried it.

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