Brought my PhD and MA diplomas to HR so that they could look at them today

Had to cart them all the way from Canada

Them: Oh, these are big

Me: Yeah, Canadian diplomas aren't usually used for anything. Usually institutions just ask the university to mail them a Confirmation of Graduation.

Them: And they're not dated

Me: Yes they are; the dates are just written in pretentious Latin

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Upside: I got the HR person to tell me flat-out that I'm getting paid at the end of the month, so there's that

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@bgcarlisle weird they didn't expect that, my US-issued MA is dated in Latin

@srol It might be because the date is a part of the big wall of pretentious Latin text

@bgcarlisle id check mine but I actually haven't a clue where it is 😬

@bgcarlisle oh gosh, that means now they officially updating your records to include your titles, doesn't it?

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