Masto wishlist 

I still want "Don't @ me" as an option for posts on Masto

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Masto wishlist 

Like, even if other servers don't respect it and replies are visible there

Even an option where my own instance trashes incoming replies and I never see them would be nice

re: Masto wishlist 

@bgcarlisle ive thought about setting that up at dontatme dot social, as a meme

Masto wishlist 

@bgcarlisle There is a feature request issue on the Github issue list for that. Making a Github account to upvote it will help. Also replying to the issue will bump it up into the "Pulse" page's Ongoing Issues section. :)

It's the most thumbsed-up open issue on the Mastodon Github issue list of all time:

Masto wishlist 

@cassolotl @bgcarlisle I went to upvote and I had already upvoted! 👍

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