:emacs: thoughts 

I think I like Emacs because I want less computer in my computer


:emacs: thoughts 

Computers are always like "lol I'm helping"

Which is usually the opposite of what I want

:emacs: thoughts 

Any time anything "autoplays"—that was a bad idea

Any time Excel thinks it knows what I just put into a cell—wrong again

And don't get me started on all the stuff my phone does that I don't want and can't possibly stop

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:emacs: thoughts 

@bgcarlisle Yesterday, I discovered that the Zoom "group chat" also includes "private" messages from one user to another. When you receive a "private" message, the interface automatically changes so that the next thing you send is a "private" message back to them, even if you were in the middle of typing something meant for the whole group. I spent 5 minutes trying to ask a question after a math seminar because my comments kept getting re-routed.

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