* The computer with less computer in it!
* No more surprises, unless you go on like FB or something, then that one's on you
* Tack-a-tack-a-tack-a (that's the sound you make while typing on a Typey boy)

*Slaps e-ink screen*

"This Typey Boy can fit so many pixels in it!"

(Not that many pixels, like 800x600, tops)

More slogans:

* Your life—in monochrome!!
* Can it do that? No, thank goodness!
* An abacus is probably faster; speed wasn't exactly our priority let's be real

The commercial can be like the "before" part of those infomercials with people trying to do simple things, but being foiled by Computer


@Hiro Warning, this fantasy product runs:

Emacs and only Emacs

You can read and write non-formatted text files

Literally nothing else

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@bgcarlisle Damn. Oh well I’ll code my own VIM with Emacs Lisp then! Should keep me entertained for a while, and without eye strain, I can go at it 24/7!! Great product!

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