Most insufferable theme song

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Season 1 of Enterprise was in 2001

Firefly was in 2002

Did Joss Weaton go like "Ha ha this folk-rock slash Contemporary Christian music Star Trek theme song could be like for some weirdo space western"

And then write a weirdo space western?

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@bgcarlisle At least insufferable folk-rock was in-genre for Firefly...

@bgcarlisle no matter what the result of this poll, i refuse to let you take the sky from me

@balrogboogie If that's one of the lyrics to either of these songs, I won't recognize it

I have blocked them both from my memory

@bgcarlisle At least firefly's theme song is a song. I can think of it. The enterprise theme is an aura of the worst that music has to offer in 2001.

@bgcarlisle I liked them both.

The Enterprise theme is quite fun to play on the ukulele.

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