but so is romulan fashion asdfkjaslkd that alien type is just iconic i guess

everyone who likes star trek tell me the aliens u think have the best fashion. we will fight to the death

@myconidiosyncrasy I would wear any suit by Garak

If I had the neck-bones to pull it off

@bgcarlisle @myconidiosyncrasy same, and you know swole people would Kill it their necks have achieved kardassian status

@Cyborgneticz @myconidiosyncrasy Also, the civilian pants that Picard wears in TNG S06E18, "Starship Mine" are exactly what I want from a utopian vision of our best-case scenario future humanity


@myconidiosyncrasy @Cyborgneticz I know I'm about 310 years too old for Picard

But still

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