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Worf of Wall Street

Worf goes undercover, surgically modified to look like a Ferengi

"It is a good day to diversify your assets"

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@bgcarlisle he would be a very tall Ferengi

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@Taweret Could turn that into a running gag

Worf: Hello I am Bork, the Ferengi

Ferengi: I've never seen a *Ferengi* who's that tall

*Worf pulls out a 3x5 card, it is labelled "In case they notice you're tall"*

Worf, mechanically: Ha ha yes, you may have noticed that I am tall, but just don't sell my securities bonds short ha ha

Ferengis: *Laugh uproariously* You're all right by me, Bork

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@bgcarlisle i bet on Ferenginar they've had at least one sitcom about a short seller who is tall

i kinda wanna see a Ferengi sitcom tbh

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Ferengi Jerry Seinfeld: It's arbitrage!

Ferengi George Constanza: Arbitrage?

Seinfeld: Arbitrage!

(They say the same thing back to each other several times quickly and excitedly because this is the joke that is funny on Seinfeld)

Ferengi Kramer bursts in and breaks the door: Whoa ... if I wanted something to collapse on me, I would have bought more of your quadrotriticale futures

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