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I think I never really "got" Star Wars because they never really cared about making much of a case for why the Empire is bad, or even worse than the Rebels for that matter

Rebels and Empire are both:

* Militarized
* Cool with civilian casualties
* Casually pro-slavery

Okay Grandmoffypants blew up a planet and Luke said once that the droids shouldn't call him "sir"

But that's about 99% of the morally relevant world-building that happened until ep. 8

Star Wars opinions 

And then they introduce literally the only character who mattered in the whole of the 9 movies, Rose

And she gives us a reason to support the Rebels

And then they forget she exists before the opening words-crawl in ep. 9

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Star Wars opinions 

And what's wrong with the Dark Side?

> They support the Empire

Okay, but like it's hard to see any moral daylight between them and the Rebels tbh

> Vader tried to ... get Luke to ... rule the galaxy with him

Okay I wish my dad came at me with legit job opportunities like that

> They killed Jedis

You sure you want to start counting which side has more blood on its hands?

> They use bad emotions like anger and fear

Yeah Idk what that even means

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Star Wars opinions 

I just kinda wish that the writers would acknowledge a little more emphatically that morality is not just a choice between a blue laser sword and a red one, where both are legit and fun options and there's no substantive difference between them

Star Wars opinions 

@bgcarlisle It really is a shame that most of the really great Star Wars lore that expanded concepts like this only took place in the Expanded Universe. Which Disney very promptly retconned.

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