How techbros sound rn 

I don't really feel strongly one way or the other about renaming "master" branches to "main" but I'm here to comment about how I'm doing so begrudgingly and making the process as unnecessarily exhausting for all involved as possible just the same

I just kinda like it when things that help other people are a little bit painful for them, and I want to let you know that I will do as little to help as I can possibly get away with

You know?

How techbros sound rn 

@bgcarlisle I've been watching such a dialog play out on the Django Developers mailing list (the decision has already been made by core devs, patches committed using allowlist/denylist instead of white-/black-list) yet one techbro seems to adamantly set on dumping an exhausting quantity of hate into the decision.

If it had been allow-/deny-list since the start, would as much energy get poured into changing it the other direction? I think not.



How techbros sound rn 

@ed1conf Who teaches them to all say the same exhausting and pointless things?

Why do they need to announce that they're doing as little to help as possible?

We may never know

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