I chose the "custom" option and told AI Dungeon that I'm a starship captain from the United Federation of Planets

It then wrote a Star Trek episode that, had the writers for that show been given it, would have been in the top 5 for Voyager

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AI Dungeon-generated :TheTwilightZone: script 

[Me] Witness Mr Bork. He is a terrible, selfish man. He thinks that all he wants is a tube of toothpaste when he goes to the corner store. But he's going to get more than he bargained for ... in The Twilight Zone.

[AI] Bork has been locked away in his room for years and only recently has he begun to realize what he truly desires: a woman who will love him unconditionally.

[Me] Bork tries again to peer through the slot in the door where they feed him

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AI Dungeon-generated :TheTwilightZone: script 

[AI] "Who's there?" he asks. "I don't recognize that voice."
Suddenly, the door handle turns. Mr. Bork starts to back away from the door.

[Me] "Who are you? Are you here to rescue me?" asks Mr Bork.

[AI] "Please, I beg you, I'm hungry and alone."
The man steps into the room. He wears a black suit and tie. "I'm here to rescue you from the loneliness," he says.

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