The Pharmacology of Star Trek

In which every fictional future drug name that is referred to in medical scenes of Star Trek is collected, and effect sizes with 95% confidence intervals and side-effect profiles inferred using standard meta-analytic techniques

A quick and dirty search reveals the following candidates:

corophizine, cordrazine, morphenolog, inpedrezine, triox, cortolin, tetrasol, anaprovaline, dalaphaline, inaprovaline, melorazine, cordrazine, vertazine, terakine, kayolane, delactovine, inoprovaline, chloromydride, polyadrenaline, opporozine, improvaline, trianoline, netinaline, kelotane, anesthezine

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:Trek: Picard 

Found two drugs in :Trek: Picard

* Noranium hydride for the neutralization of a veridium tracker (may cause neurotoxic effects depending on species)
* Polisinephrine for acute attack secondary to Iromodic Syndrome, causes fatal adverse events in humans

Take-home lesson: if Dr Jurati comes at you with a hypospray, it's over for you

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