The crew of the USS Discovery are infected with a virus that makes them speak in iambic pentameter

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The episode ends with them sort of making peace with this being their lot in life

Although there's a statistically significant increase in the number of love triangles, cases of mistaken identity and surprising resolutions to conflict that depend on clever word-play

By next week, they speak prose, and nobody ever mentions it again


@bgcarlisle This would be a very watchable episode.


@LaCrecerelle It's still only about half as silly as the premises of some other Star Treks that I've watched


@bgcarlisle is the late 26th century, a renegade Shakespeare historian created the virus because he upset that the theater community didn’t celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth to his liking.

4-5 episodes later after the audience is used to it and forgot it wasn’t always this way, Culber finds a cure by generating generate multidirectional subspace ions that turn the viral RNA transcriptase into reverse transcriptase

Just like playing a record backwards

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