Everyone: Yeah, Google is shit for privacy, but you have to admit, their tech is amazing

My computer: *Grinds to a halt and eventually crashes after trying to open Google Translate*

Everyone: Yeah Google search has gotten really shitty lately, but if you are just looking for something common like quick pop culture info, it's great



Everyone: But at least Google is more ethical than—

Me: *Closes two browser tabs with articles about Google firing separate AI ethicists*

Everyone: I'll let myself out

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I'm pretty sure at this point

That the only "good thing" that Google still does

Is generously compensate the people who make it on to their payroll

@platypus @bgcarlisle yeah, p sure the temps get badges even though they're, uh, temps

@t54r4n1 it's a reference to this: gizmodo.com/googles-secret-cla

specifically concerned re: yellow badges and whether if they're on payroll they are "generously compensated" -- (red is for contractors and green is for interns, who definitely aren't on the payroll)

@t54r4n1 the article isn't great but I prefer not to link to videos for content.

@platypus yeah I interviewed to be a temp contractor. the person who got the role had a MA in the relevant field.

@bgcarlisle until they piss Google off by being too, like, ethical. Even if they were hired as ethicists. ESPECIALLY if they were hired as ethicists.

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