Microsoft included a full implementation of Word inside Teams, even on their Linux version

I'm using a legit version of Microsoft Word on Linux

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The worst thing about using Word through Teams

Is that now Word has a built-in, un-hideable distractions pane on the left

@bgcarlisle MS Word has been a web app for a couple of years. Does it work offline?

@bgcarlisle I hear chanting coming from Redmond…

“embrace, extend, extinguish. embrace, extend, extinguish.”

@bgcarlisle Not quite a full implementation, it has enough unexpected differences (mostly in rendering, to be fair) to trip me up from time to time, so I prefer to use the full thing in a libvirt vm for work. But yeah, surprisingly usable.

Oh, and the version in Teams is the web version, so you can sometimes use the "Open in Sharepoint" button to open it in your Web browser without the distractions bar.

@bgcarlisle Microsoft lost the platform war, but it won the culture war.

@bgcarlisle oh god the next desktop version of Word is going to be an Electron app isn't it.

@bgcarlisle Are you sure it isn't Microsoft 365 Word Online?

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