I understand why old people fall for scams

I'm looking at legit emails from people that I hired to help me with my taxes

They got my name wrong and everything about it looks sketchy as fuck

If this is what the legit tax people look like, of course it's hard to tell them from scammers

@bgcarlisle at this point my email is just to receive order/shipping updates.

@bgcarlisle the suspicious emails are the ones that spell your name right

@bgcarlisle I'll go for the easy blow: maybe the legit tax people are also the scammers :blobcatpeek:

@bgcarlisle I keep getting weird texts with random links that are actually legit, and it makes me much more likely to accidentally click on a link from a scam text

Like the texts from my school or doctor literally look the same as the scam ones

@RadiantEmber Oh yeah that's terrible

No chance in hell I ever open a link in an SMS


Just the other day, I emailed my insurance broker to confirm if their previous message was legit.

@suetanvil If they just sent a plain-text email like a normal person it would look so much more legit


In my case, the email didn’t come from their domain and the links all pointed to privacy-protected hostnames.

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