What if we started making scroll bars that were like easily visible again

"How far have I scrolled down this page and how much of the page is visible?"

Oh we don't give those visual cues anymore because ~design~

If you must see them, you have to scroll a bit and then they will appear, but only very tiny and low-contrast

This is the ideal scroll bars. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

@bgcarlisle OS9 is beautiful and I’m saying that as a designer and not sure you can blame us (collective designers) for the invisible scroll bars you see today. 😅

@bgcarlisle we can get rid of the weird bumpy square now though right

@bgcarlisle I always loved the looks Nextstep and family, but that one is not bad either.

@bgcarlisle Unironically, Platinum is the best, most usable UI we've ever had.

Win32 classic is a close second.

@bgcarlisle something about the little grip thingy is so intensely visually satisfying

@bgcarlisle and if you're on a phone, chances are you're covering it

@bgcarlisle They got rid of them because of touchscreens right?

@bgcarlisle those 5 extra pixels are making a lot of ad revenue tho /s

@bgcarlisle heck, what if we always used the OS built-in scrollbars, window borders & controls, then it's all nice and predictable for the user

If it's a button, it looks like a button, etc

@bgcarlisle Yes please! They used to be so more easy to use 😭.

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