What if we started making scroll bars that were like easily visible again

"How far have I scrolled down this page and how much of the page is visible?"

Oh we don't give those visual cues anymore because ~design~

If you must see them, you have to scroll a bit and then they will appear, but only very tiny and low-contrast


This is the ideal scroll bars. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

@bgcarlisle we can get rid of the weird bumpy square now though right

@bgcarlisle @c0debabe this was a feature big enough to be on the box too!

I had doubles on both ends... 😬

@bgcarlisle Unironically, Platinum is the best, most usable UI we've ever had.

Win32 classic is a close second.

@bgcarlisle something about the little grip thingy is so intensely visually satisfying

@bgcarlisle and the ideal spatial interface! oh dear god, how i long for those days!

@sirjofri That's also how Unix GUI programs that use the Athena toolkit (the one that comes with X and which the current developers of Xorg/Wayland are trying to bury as much as possible) work. The canonical example is xterm, but other examples are xedit, xman, and xmessage.

@sirjofri True. Plan 9 from Bell Labs was to be the successor to Unix, which may explain the similarities. It's too bad it never really caught on outside of Bell Labs itself and some enthusaists.


@bgcarlisle the only design I saw that mayyybe improved on this layout was one where the “up” and “left” scroll arrows were accessible on “their” side of the bar as well. But that’s debatable.

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