Grant applications

With due dates

So soon after Pride month

Are homophobic

That big grant that I spent a month on, where I actually stood a good chance of getting funded for 4 years as a junior research group leader

It was just cancelled thanks to this:

I spent ~ a month on it for literally nothing

And now I don't know if I can even apply for other funding?

Like, if it's the law that a postdoc can't get hired in Berlin unless they bring $ Forever worth of grant money, uhhh good luck to all of us

:NoAt: I'm just expressing frustration, not looking for help

A team of straight people at some funding agency somewhere, non-ironically 

@eearroyo1312 "We're proud to announce a new app called GRant INDependent Reviewer, or Grindr for short"

@bgcarlisle the biggest myth about the academic job market is that there is an academic job market

@bgcarlisle grant applications are the real non-fungible tokens of this decade

@bgcarlisle As a maybe-looking-for-postdoc-in-6-months person whose only group idea so far is a group in Berlin, this is terrifying :ms_grimace:

Also sorry for you application :flan_tired:

@bgcarlisle If you think about it positivily, most grant applications are a month of wasted time for no return.

@bgcarlisle It is sad that this law is having negative consequences. I still hope it can trigger a necessary change in academia in Germany and the EU.

@jorge Yup, there's a hiring freeze in a lot of places and nobody knows what's going on because now, nobody can hire anybody legally, unless they have $ Forever money to do it with

I wouldn't say it's "sad"

It's irresponsible and it's having exactly the opposite of its intended effect because they provided $0 more funding

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