Say what you will about Linux

I don't have advertisements in my file browser

@bgcarlisle this and other BS like it is the real reason I stopped using windows

@bgcarlisle I also like to not get web browsers or other programs remote installed without consent.

@owl @bgcarlisle I've recently installed Windows a few times and it's so nosy and pushy and sneaky I felt harassed.

@cadadr @bgcarlisle
I felt the same when I started my work computer with Windows on it.
Pop-ups that are like "Nothing happened, so you don't need to do anything!" mixed with pop-ups that require action and/or want to push me into enabling some surveillance features and whatnot.
It's like a bad website, complete with GDPR dialog designed to make you give up and accept everything.

@bgcarlisle *cough* amazon search in ubuntu *cough*

but I don't have advertisements in my file browser either, by using *Debian* (or any other community developed linux distro)
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