How to know if your cursor is going to hit the scroll bar when you try to click on it in 2021:

The tiny and low-contrast grey scroll bar

Becomes a tiny and low-contrast scroll bar, *with a slightly different shade of grey*

Everyone involved in making computers

Hates you

And wants your experience to be worse


Me: I want a computer interface that is functional, where I can get work done

Every techbro: All I got is computers that are optimized for looking pretty in an Apple-style keynote presentation or a Youtube demo video but they're actually kinda unusable

Design guy: Everyone thinks about adding more features, but really, you should think about how simple you can make your interface away while still retaining the same functionality

Techbros: *Scribbling notes* Take away all features and functionality

"If you mouse over the tiny scroll bar it gets bigger and having it be a moving target is good for some reason"

$ sudo apt install usable-fucking-scrollbars
[sudo] password:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package usable-fucking-scrollbars
$ :t_blink:


@bgcarlisle That's because the package is thin and grey, and apt is having trouble finding it.

@bgcarlisle Honestly I think a lot of UI stuff was at its peak in the early 2000s, and we've kept changing it for *reasons* every since even if it makes things worse

@bgcarlisle the best ones I've seen were one of the themes for KDE3 I think.

@Canageek Damn, I remember when you could customize stuff like that

Good times

@Canageek @bgcarlisle they look like on windows Vista? But they're customizable? Perfect 😍

@schratze @bgcarlisle Someone recently told me about a modern desktop environment that is based on this interface, and I forget the name :(

@Canageek @bgcarlisle UX is really a horrible field. It's almost as if they came together to measure in a way where all you get is the least bad.

@Canageek @bgcarlisle I'd take Windows 98 over anything that exists today. Or if we're fancy Win 7 with the classic theme. (I never used Macs but I liked their looks back around 2010.)

Wish computers were tools again.

@bgcarlisle Yup... which is why I dislike gui applications so, so, so much and pretty much made the terminal my home some years ago. Was teaching yesterday, and one of the students' windows computer just would. not. allow. me. to. SELECT. and not ENTER a folder. Until I just allowed the mouse to hover over the path for an unspecified time before removing it. And it was selected. aaarrrrrr

@kf @bgcarlisle oh right, hover to select, click to open. I remember running into that, and it was inexplicably a default. I turned it off right away, but how many people don't know how?

@varve @bgcarlisle wow, so it is actually a feature???? I thought it was just broken on that computer. Windows... no wonder I never touch that stuff unless I really, really have to...

@bgcarlisle could you even hit that with my mouse cursor?

which is about 15 times bigger than yours..

Complaining about technology means that you are an old, so your opinion is irrelevant

I don't make the rules; I just repeat them humorlessly on the internets

@bgcarlisle watching this makes me want to chop up my desk with a fireaxe

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