Straights making out in film: Holy, pure, appropriate viewing for all ages, tongue is okay, close-ups too

Gays making out in film: A chaste hand-holding scene is rated R; a peck on the cheek is very risky, may be removed by censors; if it is a gay-film-for-the-sinful or a gay activism film to let the straights say "Oh I'd be one of the good straights", you are permitted one (1) kiss on the mouth lasting no longer than 0.25 seconds

@bgcarlisle in order to avoid an automatic upgrade to NC-17, at least one member of each gay couple depicted must be dead by the end of the film


@robotcarsley Please also limit the emotions that your queer characters express to:

* Profound sadness because they will never be happy
* Profound sadness because of the tragic loss of their partner
* Sassy

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