Yes, there's Inktober, where you draw every day

But there's also

* Stocktober, you artificially inflate the stock price of a different failing company through short selling every day
* Blocktober, you finally block That Guy
* Crocktober, you make a slow-cooked meal in your crockpot every day
* Cocktober, it's a sex thing
* Mocktober, you make a fancy mocktail drink every day
* Clocktober, you practice speed-reading of analog clock faces every day
* Doctober, you finally see the doctor about it

* Rocktober, you record a crappy cover of a different song by a rock band in which they extol their preference for the genre of rock music every day
* Bachtober, the same as above, but with baroque music
* Jocktober, it's either sports or homoerotic men's athletic apparel—no one needs to know which, wink-wink
* Locke-tober, you write an essay about political theory every day
* Adhoctober, you perform a different and sketchy non-prespecified statistical analysis of your data every day


* Socktober, you wear socks every day
* Defrocktober, you take away a different priest's status within the church every day
* Kirkslashspocktober, is self-explanatory
* Bloctober, pour les Québecoises seulement, merci
* Chalktober, you do math all over a giant chalkboard every day
* Macaquetober, if you have access to enough monkeys

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Rocktober is something I'd be into if I had significantly more musical ability, FWIW.

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