Nextcloud recently updated itself

Now the web front-end for the "Files" app doesn't work

There's no data loss or anything; I can see all my files are still there on my iOS app

But I can't easily get to them through my desktop, which is annoying as fuck

@nextcloud @nextcloudupdate

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It's giving me this error in the browser console

> Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at inline (“script-src”).

And I've done some half-hearted searches to find out if this is a well-known problem, but it doesn't seem to be

@nextcloud @nextcloudupdate

@bgcarlisle @nextcloud it's a content security policy error. The page likely has inline scripts in a script tag, but the HTTP headers from the server or the html meta tag doesn't have "'script-src'" in it. It can be your server config if you set any headers in there, or a Nextcloud bug.

@cadadr @nextcloud I haven't set any headers, and it happened at the same time as the Nextcloud snap updated itself :/

@bgcarlisle @nextcloud Now I got back to my desktop and gave it a look, I'm no expert about this stuff but looks like the web server in the snap (Apache) has been updated to a newer version because some vulnerabilities have been found. Feels like a likely suspect.

You could report to snap maintainers @ and try see if a downgrade helps if this is not a public server

@bgcarlisle FWIW, I see that same console error on every site, and it’s due to a Firefox extension I have.

@vy Yeah I tried turning off my extensions, tried it on different machines, different browsers

It's definitely a problem with Nextcloud :/

Thanks, though!

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