Dune (2021) 

"Lots of planets have a Scotland"

- Leto Atreides, Dune (2021)


Dune (2021) 

This film passes the Eponymous Dialogue Test (contains a line that was written to allow a character to awkwardly say the title of the film)

However qt.bgcarlisle.com/?s=Dune

Dune (2021) 

@bgcarlisle "turns out there is a little bit of Dune in all of us!"

And also, at least Harkonen isn't strongly implied to be homosexual as evidence of his derangement. In the Dune mediaverse that is progress.

Dune (2021) 

@PetrichorSquirrel I didn't pick up on that in the 2021 version at least

If anything, he seemed very straight-coded

Dune (2021) 


I'd love to see a RSS feed of the comfort-test site!

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