Ideas for coffee brand names

* Grounds for divorce—costs you a lot and leaves you ready to fight
* Moral high ground—it's fair-trade AND local, even though that's impossible
* Ground zero—the bag is empty, a lesson in minimalism
* Old stomping grounds—tastes like nostalgia and feet because we took the name literally

Ideas for tea brand names

* Mendaci-tea—tea to deceive your friends and enemies with
* Tenaci-tea—tea leaves that can take a 2nd, 3rd or 4th infusion
* Alacri-tea—caffeinated to all fuck, get ready world

@bgcarlisle * Grinds—makes a bafflingly poor romantic decision while insisting it’s still very cool

@bgcarlisle Mediocri-tea is the tea you keep in the back of the pantry as backup, just in case you run out of the good stuff

@balrogboogie @bgcarlisle

* Proper-Tea is Theft -- a fruit-based infusion, sustainably sourced, in two flavours: Black and Red.


* Tenaci-tea—tea leaves that can take a 2nd, 3rd or 4th infusion

Known in the tea-drinking world as "tea". Today I brewed the same leaves (a 20 year old raw pu'er) six times. It's still strongly flavourful.

@bgcarlisle moral high ground and ground zero are the same because no ethical consumption under capitalism

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