Squid Game 

Episodes 1-6: Ah what a cutting, if graphic, critique of capitalism (could also be repurposed as a critique of academia)

Episode 7: Welp here comes the homophobia ha ha thanks



Squid Game 


Did they really

*Really* need to include

The "gay men are decadent abusers who prey on innocent straights and therefore deserve to receive sexualized violence" trope?

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Squid Game 

Elon Musk finishes watching Squid Game, turns off the television and sits in silence for a moment

"That was so powerful," he says

"Yes sir," replies his servant

"It's a great commentary on how fucked up the world is"

"Yes sir"

"Life is terrible for both the destitute and the ultra-wealthy"

"Yes sir"

"Perhaps the wealthy even more so"


Musk picks up his phone and makes a phone call

"Yes hello, I need to buy an island, I just had an idea"

The servant perspires, anxiously

Squid Game, spoilerish for episode 7 

@bgcarlisle Pretty uncomfortable moment when I saw that :ms_grimace:

And it didn't even seem to fit with the rest of the story around! Zero excuse.
The way it started I was thinking this character was faking it and wanted to help the police guy, it was so disappointing D:

Squid Game 

@bgcarlisle Oh, gosh, that was so cringey. "We're going to show you he's _really_ irredeemable by making him a homosexual abuser." Ugh.

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