An alternate ending to A Christmas Carol in which Bob Cratchet forms a union, rather than relying on philanthropy and promises of a changed heart on the part of a capitalist

"How it should have ended," starring the cast of Deep Space Nine


Honestly, fuck philanthropists

Anything a philanthropist could possibly give you as a gift

You deserved to take it from them by rights

@bgcarlisle true.

everytime someone helps me or gives me a gift, I seethe – they took away the opportunity from me to make their nervous system writhe in immeasurable agony, to crush their bones and take that thing they would have given me by force

@niplav You seem like a fun person. And of course you’re missing the point. David Graeber’s “Debt” isn’t a perfect book but you might find it helpful to consider his ideas about charity and feudal deference

@ghost_bird thanks, I found graebers thoughts about bullshit jobs really interesting, I'll bump up Debt on my to read list

I think there might be an ethical instead of an empirical disagreement here, though

@bgcarlisle I can recommend the book “Winners Take All” if you want some more material to seethe over, there.

@antifuchs Hahaha oh jeez I read the synopsis and my blood pressure went up

@bgcarlisle it’s pretty great for that; but yeah. Philanthropists, more like plutophiles.

@bgcarlisle awww thanks for giving this school a huge donation, I feel like that comes from the taxes you don't pay!

@bgcarlisle it's giving to distract from how much you've taken

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