Pandemic frustration :NoAt: 

Thing that I wish governments would stop doing:

Allowing people to do something (e.g. travel, eating at restaurants, etc), "advising caution" (what could that possibly even mean) or "recommending" against it, and then scolding after the fact when people do what you allowed them to do

You had the power to stop people from doing it

It's your job to be "the bad guy" here and say "you can't"

Foisting that decision on to individuals is irresponsible


Pandemic frustration :NoAt: 

I'm not making this up either

The CBC hourly news right now is doing exactly this (attached for reference)

Pandemic frustration :NoAt: 

@bgcarlisle irresponsible, and may I add, unfair.

Pandemic frustration :NoAt: 

@bgcarlisle "if only there were someone who could stop this," say the people who can stop this

Pandemic frustration :NoAt: 

@bgcarlisle it’s also their job to create the structure that allows safe measures to be taken, but going for individual responsibility is what wins elections. Not so for paying restaurants and bars to stay closed. ):

Pandemic frustration :NoAt: 

@bgcarlisle I am in BC and I am Losing My Mind

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