Them: Everyone, when they read the Lord of the Rings as a teen, wanted to be—

Me: —the Witch-king of Angm—yes an elf, definitely an elf


Pros to being Nazgul:

* Goth aesthetic
* Can't be seen during the day
* Has a small group of friends he can count on
* Here to destroy the world of men

@frustratedantiquarian @ghostdancer "Say what you will about eternity of servitude as an undead spectre of evil ..."

@bgcarlisle @ghostdancer "at least your apprentice can't merc you in your sleep and there's nine of you at a time, not two"

@frustratedantiquarian @ghostdancer 🎶 The boys are back in town 🎶 played over the scene in LotR where we see the sneering faces of nine Nazgul

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