Sci-fi short story 

They invented general artificial intelligence

At great expense

Years of research, vast resources expended

But they succeeded

A computer programme—the seat of subjectivity, a being with moral status

All because a billionaire wanted to kill something in his video game that could suffer,

And so he could do something profoundly


@bgcarlisle this is such a spectacular piece of writing and I fucking hate what it says, thanks

@bgcarlisle if you got this published they would teach it in literature classe though is the thing

Sci-fi short story 

@bgcarlisle You can tell that its fiction because real billionaires just hunt humans.

Sci-fi short story 

@bgcarlisle reminds me of Ted Chiang. In interviews he expresses more concern that we will invent AI intelligent enough to suffer than AI intelligent enough to harm us. And that capitalism is a greater threat than AI. His story I’ve read with those themes is the Lifecycle of Software Objects.

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